Thinking energy

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Thinking energy

Energy Security

Disruption to energy supply can have major economic implications. We advise governments and companies in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands on energy security issues.

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Energy Sector Services

We provide strategic and technical advice and a range of representational services to the energy sector including advising on the transition to low or zero carbon fuels.

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Fuels Procurement

Fuel is a substantial cost for many organisations. We provide a range of services to assist clients in New Zealand and the Pacific with their fuels procurement process and fuel price management.

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Independent Review of Refining NZ’s Processing Agreement

marsden-pointRefining NZ (New Zealand’s only oil refinery) charges its customers a fee for processing crude oil through the refinery. Envisory was contracted by Refining NZ to assess whether its current processing fee arrangements provide shareholders with an appropriate financial return and whether the company provides a competitive supply of product to its customers over a business cycle. Read More

Market Resilience to Supply Chain Disruption

Envisory was engaged by Australia’s Dept of Industry to provide a report on the way in which resilience is built into systems to manage disruption in the petroleum fuels supply chain. The report examined the levers used to provide resilience at different steps in the supply chain and how they are used to mitigate disruption events. Read More

Pacific Islands LPG Supply and Pricing

lpg-cylinders-tongaEnvisory published a report providing a brief background on global LPG supply and demand, the Pacific supply chain for LPG and information on pricing for LPG in the region. For many Pacific countries it can be difficult to verify the costs involved in LPG supply, such as determining appropriate benchmark data for freight costs and obtaining information to verify supplier and distributor costs.This report shows the average retail LPG prices for a range of Pacific countries, and will be updated quarterly. Read More