Policy Advice

Comprehensive policy advice focusing on enhancing fuel supply security.

Why seek Policy Advice?

Envisory specialises in providing comprehensive policy advice to government organisations across Australasia. We utilise advanced modelling techniques to simulate disruption scenarios, evaluate economic impacts, and propose alternative supply options.

Tailored Solutions

Envisory delivers customised solutions to enhance a country’s fuel supply security. Our proven track record includes recommendations to the World Bank, on behalf of the Government of Vanuatu, for improving supply security and cost efficiency in petroleum and LPG. Our team of experts are able to develop practical strategies to fit each of our client’s unique needs.

Risk Assessment

Envisory offers assessment of supply security risk. As demonstrated through our collaborative efforts in co-authoring reports on the potential consequences of a major natural gas disruption event in New Zealand. We advise the both the New Zealand and Australian Government on meeting their IEA stock obligations, providing commercial and technical guidance. We provide expert insights and proactive solutions in navigating complex energy security challenges.

How our

Policy Advice

projects operate

Initial Consultation

Begin with a collaborative discussion to understand the specific policy challenges and goals of your government organization.

In-Depth Policy Assessment

Dive deep into the assessment of fuel supply security, policy influences, and emergency response modeling tailored to your country's needs.

Recommendations Delivery

Present detailed recommendations, leveraging our expertise to enhance your country's policy framework for fuel supply security.

Ongoing Support and Adaptation

Beyond recommendations, we provide continuous support, adapting policies to changing circumstances and ensuring sustained fuel supply security.

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Policy Advice

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