Enabling Biofuels – supply and distribution

Feasibility and Economics of Biofuels Supply
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Ministry of Transport
Published On
February 28, 2024
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Energy Sector Services
Biofuels Supply Options
Biofuels Distribution Option

Two reports were prepared for the Ministry of Transport as part of an investigation on how to encourage the introduction of biofuels into the New Zealand petroleum fuels market.

The ‘Enabling Biofuels’ supply options report was a joint project between Envisory, economics consultancy Covec, and Landcare. The report covered options for the supply of biofuels to the New Zealand market, and options for the supply of feedstock for the manufacture of biofuels in New Zealand. It looked at possible sources of ethanol and biodiesel and which options might be feasible and economic. The availability and market for each biofuel source was considered, and their potential for use in biofuels manufacture.

Download a copy of the biofuels’ supply options report:

The ‘Enabling Biofuels’ distribution options report written by Envisory, covers how biofuels distribution could be integrated with the distribution of petroleum products in New Zealand. It was used to build a picture of the likely decisions required by industry participants for the introduction of biofuels, and gives a high level assessment of the costs involved. Government policy options on biofuels and their implications for petroleum marketers are discussed, along with the key infrastructure components required, and their commercial issues. Expected biofuels volumes are also derived.

Download a copy of the Biofuels’ distribution options report:

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Team Members Part of This Project
Steve West
Ian Twomey
Shakil Kumar
Energy Advisor

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