Client: Refining New Zealand

Refining NZ is the only oil refinery in New Zealand. It is an independent, publicly listed company and is a tolling refinery, processing crude oil supplied by its customers (BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Z) into products for a fee. Refining NZ produces about half of New Zealand’s petrol, around 80% of its diesel and all of the country’s jet fuel, among other products.

Envisory has been engaged by Refining NZ on several occasions to provide advice over three major cycles of refinery investment:

  1. Refinery upgrade for product quality (Future Fuels 2004-2006),
  2. Refinery expansion (Point Forward – 2009) and
  3. Refinery petrol expansion (Te Mahi Hou: 2012-2014)

Envisory’s advice has included economic modelling of investment options, competitive analysis and analysis of distribution costs and impacts.

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