LPG is used as an energy source in Pacific Island countries and territories for cooking (replacing kerosene and biomass) and heating hot water. Over the last decade, LPG has also started to be used for air-conditioning and as an automotive fuel in some Pacific Island countries.

Envisory published a report that gives a brief background on global LPG supply and demand, the Pacific supply chain for LPG and information on pricing for LPG in the region.

For many Pacific economies, the way LPG is priced lacks transparency compared with how petroleum fuels are regulated. It can be difficult to verify the costs involved in LPG supply, such as determining appropriate benchmark data for freight costs and obtaining information to verify supplier and distributor costs.

This report shows the average retail LPG prices for a range of Pacific countries, and is updated quarterly.

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Update February 2016:

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Envisory welcomes enquiries from any Pacific country that would like a detailed review of their LPG prices.