Client: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Envisory has been providing oil security expertise and advice to the New Zealand Government since 2004. This includes advice on global and domestic oil supply disruption that may occur (for example) due to natural disaster or infrastructure disruption.

New Zealand is a member of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Members are required to hold oil stocks covering 90 days of net oil imports. New Zealand supplements its commercial stocks with contracts to hold international oil and petroleum reserves known as ‘stock tickets’. Envisory provides technical expertise to the Government on securing these, and Envisory considers it may be the only consultancy outside Europe actively involved in the markets designed to assist in meeting compulsory stock targets for IEA compliance.

Envisory has produced a number of reports on oil security, including the following:

  • Information for NZIER report updating a study undertaken in 2004/05 on New Zealand’s oil security.
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  •  New Zealand oil security
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Envisory Limited provides strategic advice and consultancy services to the energy sector in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Our expertise covers energy security, petroleum fuels procurement, and services to the energy sector with a focus on oil and gas.