Client: Government of Nauru.

The Government of Nauru engaged Envisory as its technical advisor to assist it with its petroleum procurement process. This process includes the procurement and supply of fuel to Nauru, and the management, storage and distribution of fuel on the island.

This role has included:

  • Developing a tender strategy and assisting the Government in issuing a tender for both the supply of fuel and the management of the tank farm in Nauru.
  • Reviewing the government’s petroleum policy framework
  • Evaluation of tenders and recommending  a preferred tenderer at the end of this process,and
  • Negotiating both Supply and/or Tank farm Management Contracts.

Envisory Limited provides strategic advice and consultancy services to the energy sector in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Our expertise covers energy security, petroleum fuels procurement, and services to the energy sector with a focus on oil and gas.