Client: Major Gas Users Group

This group is made up of large New Zealand industrial users of gas and was formed in 2010. Its members include Refining NZ, Fonterra, Oji Fibre Solutions, New Zealand Steel and Ballance Agri-Nutrients. The group is committed to fostering the development of a sustainable and growing gas market which can provide secure supplies of competitively priced gas over the long term. Supplies of secure and competitively priced gas are critical as the costs of production for these major industrials must be competitive on an international basis.

Envisory along with Arete Consulting Ltd, provide services for the Major Gas Users Group to effectively engage and represent its interests. This includes monitoring and reporting on gas market issues, and providing advice to help improve the general understanding of gas market issues. Engagement with stakeholder forums is undertaken on the Group’s behalf (e.g. with the Commerce Commission and Gas Industry Company), along with secretariat support.

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